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Welcome to the HLS Solutions Winter Newsletter



We are pleased to be able to provide you with our latest newsletter packed with useful information and articles from industry professionals.  We hope that you will enjoy this issue and find the articles interesting and informative.


Well 2012 is almost upon us, and if you are anything like us, this year will have absolutely flown by!  There has certainly been a few changes in 2011 for the holiday lettings industry as a whole with the new regulations, and it will be interesting to see how this affects the marketplace in the months to come.


With regards to visitor numbers and tourism in the UK there certainly seems to be some mixed results.  We have heard about some great success stories and a lot of expansion plans, however there is also the signs that there has been a lot of tightening of belts and wallets this year.  We hope that it has been a rewarding and fruitful year for all of our customers and contacts, and that 2012 will be even more successful.


For HLS Solutions, 2011 has been a very productive year!  We have completed the release of our own website along with two customer sites, and have a couple of new projects on the go.  The software has taken huge strides forward, thanks in no small way to some great input we have had from our customers.  A huge thank you to everybody who has taken the time to get involved and help with this.


Enjoy our winter newsletter and thanks as always to our guest contributors for taking the time to put together some really useful articles.




Customer satisfaction - the importance of interior design


By Clare Hughes from CH Design


During these times of economic restraint businesses need, more than ever, that little extra something to tempt back their customers and this is particularly true of the holiday industry.


Consumers today have pretty exacting standards when it comes to the places they stay for their holidays, so it’s fair to say that the interior design of guest houses, hotels and holiday apartments/cottages is a very important factor to consider. No longer are we satisfied to book our summer holidays or weekends away at that gorgeous country retreat, only to find on arrival that the owners have furnished their cottage with grandma’s old sofas and the rickety bunk beds the kids have grown out of!


So what is the answer…?


Click on the link below to read this comprehensive guide to presenting your property in the best possible light, and maximising your repeat bookings.


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Furnished Holiday Lettings - A Tax guide


We featured in our Autumn issue a fascinating article on Capital Allowances in holiday letting by John Endacott, from Francis Clark LLP.  We are delighted therefore to announce that he has just released his new furnished holiday lettings book, which covers this and many other pertinent accounting issues for the industry.


Described as “A clear and practical guide to the tax issues relating to furnished holiday lettings, fully reflecting the 2011 changes.” 


A helpful introductory chapter sets the context in which the special rules have arisen. The text then goes through the particular tax issues that practitioners face, providing a practical commentary based soundly on the legislation and case law.”


Topics covered include the distinction between letting and trading, EEA businesses, tax relief for capital expenditure, losses, property sales, death and succession planning, and various indirect tax considerations.



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Latest software release


With the imminent release of our latest version to customers, we are continuing to focus on the addition of new and exciting features to the Holiday Manager software program.
With lots of new features including:

An all new Cleaner/Arrivals report designed to provide you with a clear and concise report to track your arrivals and departures.


A brand new Latest Activity section to track all the events taking place in your office, either globally, or via each record.


A new formatting option for your reports to allow you to customise the colums and information for your own reports.


Additional merge codes and Information screen additions, along with Additional Maintenance company linking options for properties.


We are confident our customers are going to find this the most comprehensive release yet. 
Next on the agenda is a whole new tariff section, making it quicker and easier to setup your system and options and some great new functionality for the Extras section.  
As always, we are continuing to work on areas of the programs and more options that will make your daily workload easier to manage than ever before.
To arrange to see how your business could benefit from the software, click below to arrange your demonstration.  



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Web Module


With your website a critical aspect and customer facing tool for your business it is vitally important that it is always kept completely up to date.
Our web module is designed to do exactly this, without any disruption to your business. Working invisibly alongside the software it will transfer up to date information from your office database to your unique online database, ensuring your property information and holiday availability is 100% accurate.
There is no input required from your staff, no entering in information twice, just update your office system and the rest is done automatically for you.  Just imagine the time you will save not having to update the same information in numerous places.
In addition, although we are perfectly equipped to provide you with a full website design and build service, the web module will work perfectly well with any website.  We can provide your own website supplier full details on how they can extract the relevant information from your own unique database.
On top of this, all our databases are run using the latest Microsoft SQL server platforms, and are hosted via top UK based hosting companies for maximum reassurance and reliability.


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Featured customer



Our featured customer this edition is a long established holiday letting agency, Cadgwith Cove Cottages.


Located in the beautiful surroundings of Cadgwith Cove on the Lizard Pennisula, they are perfectly situated to take advantage of the stunning location and picturesque setting.


Cadgwith Cove Cottages were the first customer to implement our software and we are delighted to have worked with them for the last 18 months.  With the recent retirement of the previous owner, Debbie and her team are now looking to continue the successful formula and welcome many more happy customers to their cottages.


With a brand new website coming soon, we are extremely confident the future is looking very bright for this longstanding and successful Company!





HLS Solutions are a Cornwall based technology company that specialise in holiday lettings.


At the core of our business is our Holiday manager software package, which helps agents as well as private individuals to manage their day to day business with amazing, easy to use features such as bookings, property maintenance, daily diaries, reporting, client accounts and much much more.


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