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Software Versions

One of the main things we have learnt from dealing with the Holiday Letting industry is that not all holiday rental businesses are the same!

In order to offer the best solution for each individual business, we have developed a choice of three versions:

Home User

This is our entry level software package designed for personal or small business use, managing from 1 - 4 properties.  However, this does not mean we have scrimped on the features within the program!  The package is fully equipped with all of the functionlity you will find in our other versions.

Small Business

Moving on from the home user the Small Business version is designed for small to medium companies.  The software in this instance will allow up to 30 properties for management, but has all of the functionality and features that you will need to rapidly expand your business.


With unlimited properties this package is a huge bonus for medium and large companies who manage a higher number of properties.  With features that will help all departments with their daily tasks, the software can offer your business huge time and cost savings.