Welcome to our own holiday letting portal, THE only place to visit – www.holidaylettingfinder.com

Intuitive User Interface

From the moment you log into the program it is clear you are dealing with software that is a bit different. 

Instead of needing days of training just to navigate the software, here all of the information you need is presented to you in a clear, easy to use format. 

Adding new records, viewing and amending information, viewing booking information is all just a click away, and within minutes you can be up and running and reaping the benefits of this flexible and comprehensive system...


Daily Tasks and Reminders

Appearing as soon as you log into the system, the software will instantly provide you and your staff with a personalised reminder list of all your outstanding tasks. 

From account reminders to property management dates, property maintenance to letter follow ups the software will ensure that you never miss an important task again. 

With our intuitive and unique system events facility, you can create your own personalised reminders within minutes...


Property Availability Calendars

The booking and availability calendar is critical to any holiday letting business. 

With intuitive and extensive search facilities, colour coded status to instantly show the stage of every booking, plus pop-ups that show further booking information and pricing.  You will always have access to all the information you require at the click of the mouse.


Property Maintenance

Keeping track of maintenance companies and works carried out is another critical task for the typical holiday letting company.  Our system makes light work of this with clear reminders, history and linked contractors.

No longer will the maintenance and management of your properties be a huge headache, the software could help to make these problems a thing of the past...


Comprehensive Reporting

With a wide ranging and expanding report portfolio, all of the information you require is at your fingertips. 

Comprehensive booking, accounts, and information reports are all available through the system.  You can rapidly access all of these reports which can be printed, or exported in several different formats.  

You can even use the generated information to produce email, letter, or text message, or simply to add a reminder to the system...


Extensive Accounting System

Tracking the account for your holiday letting business can be a daunting task, regardless of whether you have 1 or 1,000 properties!

Our software has been designed to help with your accounts by keeping full track of what money is due, when and who from.  With clear account reminders and reports you will struggle to remember how you ever managed without the software

We have also worked hard to make all the accounts transactions clear and easy to use, so you can let the software do the hard work and you reap the benefits...


Website Integration

We realise that a great web presence these days in holiday lettings is critical, we also understand that you do not want to have to run multiple systems to manage all facets of your business.

If you want to make the best use of your time and have one system that does everything we can help!  Our web module integrates with the software to upload all of your property information and holiday availability automatically to an online database. 

Your website can then be kept live at all times, with no further input required...