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Social Media

Social media is a huge growth area and one that is a great fit with the holiday letting industry!

Businesses that have discovered this and are utilising this FREE tool in the right way are seeing huge benefits.  You do not need to be a computer expert to use social media to boost your business.  There are many resources available to you to get a presence quickly and simply, and a lot of experts are predicting that social media will eventually be as important as having a website for modern business.

HLS Solutions are a firm advocate of helping customers to build their business by using all of the tools available at their fingertips.  We can help provide useful advice on the different platforms that are available, and through our contacts can often help put you in touch with industry professionals who can provide training courses and resources to help.

Alternatively, if you already have social media accounts, you are more than welcome to simply connect with us through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, we are always happy to hear from you and help promote your business!

We also produce a daily holiday letting and general tourism summary, so even if you are not yet connected, you can still get access to useful information via the links below:

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