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Online Digital brochures

Weigh up the Advantages

The digital publishing revolution is with us and experts are predicting a marked decline in the number of printed newspapers and magazines that will be available from newsagents in the near future. The growth in digital publishing will grow exponentially so now is the time to consider the many advantages the genre will provide.

To keep up with the rapidly changing times and recent developments in the field of technology and the worldwide web, more and more companies are turning to publishing their literature and maximizing their publicity by doing this online. Not only are conventional methods of publishing like printing your own brochures, magazines and catalogues costly and time consuming, they also take a lot out of our rapidly dwindling environmental resources. Feel free to read through the list of some notable advantages listed below when you choose to use digital publishing for your business.

Financial and Administrative Benefits

  • Vast cost saving over conventional printing methods
  • No postage, packaging and other distribution costs
  • Vast saving of time and labour because staff are not required to manually send out brochures
  • Almost any type of literature is suitable
  • No costly restraints on publication size and number of pages
  • Minimal production costs
  • No bulky paper stocks to store

Sales and Marketing Benefits

  • Digital brochures allows you to readily penetrate a global market
  • Your material is accessible to anyone with internet access 24/7
  • Ability to track the number of times your literature is accessed
  • Enables copy changes (prices etc) to be changed without costly reprints
  • Helps your business to promote a more acceptable carbon footprint
  • Digital publications are of the highest quality

Customer Advantages

  • Enables potential and existing customers to access your information instantly
  • Digital publications are accessed simply using a normal web browser
  • Easy to operate page turning and zoom viewing option
  • Enables customers to view your literature whenever they wish
  • Removes the need for customers to request your literature









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